Afternoon Downtown
Natalie. 21. Washington, DC

“Selfish, sensual, socially useless" - Ivan Turgenev

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
-Moulin Rouge
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Me watching Titanic


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my concept of the progression of time stopped in like 2000

like when I see a movie that was filmed in 1995 I’m like oh that was only like 5 years ago

then I realize it was actually 17

  • On Friday: Okay, you have a lot of homework to do this weekend so you'd better split it up evenly each day. That way you'll get the hard stuff out of the way and you'll be able to relax on Sunday and not worry too much about the coming week. It's really important that you do this stuff and not fuck around, just sit down and power through it. It's going to work out really well and you'll feel really accomplished and you should just really take initiative because honestly if you don't you're going to get super overwhelmed and then you'll end up stressing on Sunday night and not getting any sleep and then you'll be tired during school and it really is just a vicious circle so, come on, you got this, you can do this.
  • On Sunday night: Well, fuck.


do you ever see old people and ask their name and think “wow that’s a good name for an old person” and then wonder how they lived life as a young person with an old person name

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i rarely play video games but omg this is me every time